Vision Statement

 Lydia Mazzuto Professional Counselling Services organizational vision is interested in the values of participatory action, collaboration and agency in the pursuit of social justice and social care (Reitsma-Street & Brown, 2004, p. 307).  We seek to engage in therapeutic practices that are evidenced-based but also community-directed, believing in the power of community connectedness in order to develop strong interpersonal and community relationships.   We strive to build on each individual’s strength as it relates to building a healthier and more interconnected life, while acknowledging the  productive power of our unique needs and differences.  

We envision community solutions through the building of capacity in order to foster ongoing relationships while generating empowerment, particularly with communities that have been historically marginalized. 

Above all, we believe in the vitality, capacity, and agency for all. 

Mission Statement

 Lydia Mazzuto Professional Counselling Services mission is to provide ethical, meaningful, individualized social work services based on the principles of inclusionary practice.  Examining and interrogating assumptions of self-blame or weakness, our practice includes for diverse ways of acknowledging each person’s unique knowledge(s), values and problem solving capacities.  This also means that the needs of the individual seeking service will be prioritized in all conversations and the  development and activation of care (goal-setting, action-plans and implementation). 

Our approach to community consulting is participation-motivated and based on the principles of coalition and community-strength building.  Therefore, the methods and practices engaged, will be community-inspired and directed.  We strive to create spaces of inclusion by co-building  relationships based on an ongoing “co-generation of knowledge” of our unique differences (Boser, 2006, p. 9).